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  Drivers: Jenson Button (Honda)), David Coulthard (Red Bull) and Mark Webber (Williams).


  Q: David, you suggested that Monaco was a one-off in terms of result. Is that the way you judged it?

  David Coulthard: It’s a bit premature to say. There’s still a lot of races to go, but clearly, there were a number of things that played in our favour during the race. People dropped out, people got penalties, that can happen at other circuits as well but I think that all weekend, in all the sessions, we were always in the top six throughout most of the sessions, so that’s why I was disappointed with the eventual qualifying position, because I didn’t actually get a run at it - we chose to do one lap which in hindsight was a mistake, and we got traffic. At that type of track, mechanically the car obviously worked well. The engine, we know, has won Grands Prix already with Ferrari. It’s on the more open circuits that we don’t have quite as an efficient package so in contrast, this track will probably be a lot more difficult for us. That’s the challenge. You’ve got to react to it.


  大卫-库塔:这样说有些过早。要参加的比赛还有很多,而比赛之中无疑会有许多事情是我们最喜欢的。人们的退赛、受罚在别的其它赛道也可能发生,但我认为所有的比赛周末,在大多数的比赛中我们都是保持在前六位。所以这就是我为什么对最后的排位赛名次感到沮丧的原因,因为实际上我没能好好地跑上一圈,我们选择做计时圈的时候在事后看来是个错误,我们碰到了交通。在那种类型的赛道上,f1.sports.sohu.com/' target=_blank>赛车从机械上来说自然工作出色。我们知道引擎已经和法拉利赢得了大奖赛。相比这条更加宽敞的赛道而言,我们没有一部能胜任的赛车。这条赛道可能会让我们感觉艰难许多。那就是挑战,你必须对它有所回应。

  Q: Some of the English press coverage suggested that that was going to help you keep your seat for next year. Do you feel you’re fighting for your seat for next year?

  DC: I think it’s a bit silly to suggest that one result is what people decide on why they are going to put someone in a car. I’ve got a history of consistency, scoring points, obviously won a few Grands Prix and the team know very well what I do on track, with engineers and back at the factory, so I don’t believe there’s any fight or struggle. It’s quite clear that I want to drive the car next year with all of the people that have been brought together. This is the year that hopefully they gel and I see no reason why that car, next season, can’t be competing for serious points, podiums and victories and I know that I can deliver those.



  Q: An interesting story today in Autosport suggesting that you’re in contact, in discussion with Ferrari. What have you got to say about that?

  DC: Well, it’s inevitable that everyone has to know what the market-place offers. If you look at Ferrari from the outside, they’ve got one driver scoring serious points and the other one not. Any team needs to have two drivers in a position to capitalise and as I say, I didn’t score over 500 points by accident.



  Q: So you have been in contact with them.

  DC: That’s none of your business. As I said, everyone talks to everyone at this stage of the season so I’m sure that even Jenson, although we believe he’s contracted to Honda, I’m sure he’s probably talking to someone as well.



  Q: Jenson, you seem to be very much aiming for third or fourth team here. Is that the position of the team at the moment?

  Jenson Button: We’re not going to suddenly jump forward compared to Monaco and the previous few races. Renault and Ferrari are very strong at the moment and I think McLaren are also, so it’s very difficult. It’s so competitive out there at the moment. But for us to say where we are going to finish is a silly thing to do. I think we need to just try to get the best out of the package we have and that is our aim at the moment, and then we will see where we end up. We don’t know where we will be.



  Q: Can you envisage fighting with Renault and Ferrari?

  JB: No, not this weekend.



  Q: But in the future?

  JB: Yeah, definitely. I think every team would hope that they can challenge Renault and Ferrari in the future, and that’s the reason why we are here, to hopefully be the best, but it’s not going to happen overnight. We are improving things, the new full-size wind tunnel coming on line, it’s going to make a big difference to us, so for the future, I’m very positive that we will be challenging at the front. But this weekend is really a weekend that we are all looking forward to, it’s a very special weekend, especially for us two (indicates Coulthard), it’s our home Grand Prix and we’re hoping for a good result and that good result is us getting the best out of the package we have at the moment and then, on Monday, we talk about where we go from there.



  Q: Just tell us about racing here at Silverstone, for you, your home Grand Prix?

  JB: It is a great feeling, especially when the weather’s like this. The Australian weather was pretty poor when we were there… But this is great to see: the sun’s out and it’s going to stay out for the whole weekend which is great and it’s going to be pretty special for the fans, I think, especially the English fans, having the footy on Saturday and being able to watch it on the big screens.



  Q: Mark, Bridgestone seem to have had a good test at Barcelona but you were actually playing it down a bit, that it wasn’t so good for Williams.

  Mark Webber: Well, I wasn’t at Barcelona, I did all the work before Monaco, and I was at the Silverstone test, so it was my test off. But in the Barcelona race, Michael was fighting with Fernando but not that hard, obviously, so that’s really the last test we’ve had on a high speed circuit like Barcelona and Silverstone. The tyre testing obviously allowed Michelin… they do their work for those sort of venues to test the tyres for this race. I think that it will all come into play actually, in terms of the track temperatures which will be pretty similar which is good, but it’s the same for both companies. But I wouldn’t say the Bridgestones can’t do the job. I think that at Williams, we need to probably get a little bit more complete on the higher speed sort of circuits. We are looking to do a really really good job here of course, in terms of pace, but so are the other guys. There’s a big group after the gap to Renault and McLaren.

  问:马克,普利司通看上去在巴塞罗那完成了一场不错的测试,但你的表现实际上有点差 ,这对威廉姆斯车队来讲不是太好。


  Q: Where do you feel you’re really lacking, in terms of pace, is there one particular area?

  MW: Normally, in Formula One, aerodynamics play a huge role and I think it’s less of a role in Monte Carlo and more down to mechanical grip, and the tyres need to work well as well. Barcelona and Silverstone - there’s nowhere to hide. We need to work on the efficiency and work on having the car behave itself through all types of high speed corners and finishing the lap in the Complex, so that’s probably the main area we are focusing on as heavily as we can like most of the other teams, to close the gap to Renault because they are probably the best team aerodynamically at the moment.



  Q: It’s said that the deal is done between Toyota and Williams. What are your feelings about a possible change of power for next year?

  MW: Well, there’s loads of speculation but as usual, until it’s all done, you never know. But first of all Cosworth have not let us down anywhere this season in terms of… we had the one rear of the field at the start of the race in Nurburgring, but the pace of the engine has been absolutely phenomenal for us all year. It’s one of the best V8s if not the best V8 ever. It’s an incredible engine and there are some very good guys there. So if we do change, there’s a big set of shoes to fill, to fill Cosworth’s role that they’ve done for us this year.



  Q: So a question for all three of you: your feelings about the World Cup, who’s going to win, who will you be supporting?

  MW: I’ve lived in England for ten years and I’ve loved the English people and the comedy and all that sort of stuff. But when it comes to sport, I hope they get absolutely battered in the World Cup, so I’m going for Australia.



  Q: Do you know where you’re going to watch Australia’s opening match?

  MW: Australia? I don’t even know when they are playing first.



  Q: That’s how much you follow them!

  MW: Err. Well I’ll take some interest when… like all the other Aussies, only when they’re doing well.



  Q: Jenson?

  JB: It’s quite an obvious one: England, I think, have got a fantastic team. Hopefully they can work well together and yeah, I think this could be a very good year for English football.





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