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  Q: (Heinz Pruller - ORF) Jenson, did you have a chance to see a replay of the race, maybe going through it again, and maybe analysing all the crazy things that happened in the race?

  JB: Yeah, you know I always used to watch my races until this year and this was the first one I’ve watched, because this has been a pretty poor season up until Hungary. I’ve watched the race many times and it’s always nice to see.

  问:(Heinz Pruller - ORF)简森,你有让比赛重演的机会吗?也许是再一次冲过终点线,能分析下所有发生在比赛中的疯狂事吗?


  DC: Did you fast-forward to the end?

  JB: Yeah, because the middle bit was a bit boring. It was nice, it’s nice to have in the cabinet.



  Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News) David and Jenson, you both know Jacques Villeneuve very well. Could you maybe reflect a little bit on his F1 career and also on his very abrupt departure?

  问:(Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News)大卫和简森,你们俩人都对雅克-维伦纽夫很了解,你们能想想他的F1职业生涯吗,以及他突然的离开。

  DC: I think I’m right in saying that he stopped early at BAR as well, before t he end of the season, so it’s kind of within character that Jacques would stop before the end of the season. He’s someone who, as anyone who has spent time with him knows, he’s got very strong opinions and that’s one of his strengt(GT新闻,GT说吧)hs as an individual so I don’t think it’s as straightforward as maybe was presented to the media after Hockenheim, as to why it came to an end. I think he had a great career, a great motorsports career full stop, in terms of what he did in America, what he’s done in Formula One, irrespective of what anyone thinks of him as a driver in the ranking list, results that I would be extremely proud of, so I think that in many ways it’s in keeping with his character - to get to the point - that his career ended in the way that it did and I’m sure he’ll pop up somewhere else, racing something else and acting in the same way and speaking from the heart and saying it as he sees it, which are qualities.


  Q: (Cedric Voisard - Le Figaro) Question to all of you: between Michael and Fernando, who do you think will be World Champion and why?

  问:(Cedric Voisard - Le Figaro)问所有人的问题,在迈克尔和费尔南多之间,你认为谁会是世界冠军?为什么?

  DC: I think all of us could give lots of different answers, but the thing is, I don’t think any of us really knows and on the basis of the past performances, you’ve got to say Ferrari are looking very strong. But as drivers, they have both won World Championships and I don’t think anyone doubts their abilities so it’s more down to which team and tyre manufacturer will field the best package in the last races, which will determine which driver will be crowned at the end of the season.


  JB: Yeah, I agree. I think a lot of it does come down to the tyres, if the reliability of the cars is good, I think it does come down to the tyre manufacturers which is obviously still very very exciting.

  简森-巴顿:是的,我同意。我想很多都取决于轮胎 ,如果赛车的稳定性很好,那就取决于无疑仍然还很兴奋的轮胎制造商。

  TM: Yeah, similar. Renault has obviously maybe a little bit better package at the moment but Ferrari is catching up a lot so… Looking at the last four races, it’s been very close. It’s going to be quite interesting.


  KR: Yeah. I don’t know. We just have to wait and see but I think it will be close, so there’s not a lot of difference. It’s whateve r happens with the tyres and cars.


  Q: (Cedric Voisard - Le Figaro) No names, no opinions?

  问:(Cedric Voisard - Le Figaro)没名字,没看法吗?

  JB: We’ve given our opinions, haven’t we? We can’t see into the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen.


  TM: I think what we’ve said… we’ve given our opinions and the result is Alonso, I think, because they have a better package.


  Q: (Salvatore Zanca - AP) Jenson, what’s the one thing you will remember about the last race and what would you remember about the previous 113 races?

  JB: Winning it is the thing I remember from the last race. Previous races? I think disappointment. We lost a lot of ground from the start of the season. A lot of other teams progressed and we did not. Disappointment in the results we were getting but we’ve made a step forward now, I don’t mean the win, I mean with the car, previous to Hockenheim and it’s promising. It’s nice to see that we can make big steps forward like other people have been doing this season and we are becoming more competitive again which is nice. It shows that we have it within the team. If things aren’t going well, we’re very good at finding the reasons for it and putting things right.

  问:(Salvatore Zanca - AP) 简森,上一站比赛你能记得的一件事是什么,而之前的113场比赛你能记得什么?


  Q: (Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat) Kimi, how much did you blame yourself in that accident with Liuzzi and did you lose a victory because of it?

  KR: I think it was a racing incident and who knows? Maybe I lost it, maybe I didn’t, but it doesn’t make any difference any more so… Those things happen sometimes.

  问:(Heikki Kulta - Turun Sanomat)基米,和里尤兹的事故中,你对自己有多少责备,你是因此失去胜利的吗?


  Q: (Heinz Pruller - ORF) Gentlemen, can I have your comments on the FIA decision from yesterday concerning the mass dampers? How you will suffer, how much it doesn’t bother you?

  JB: It’s whether it makes a big difference to the teams that can’t use it. You always hear different figures: some say two tenths, some say five tenths and also it’s different on different circuits. It’s difficult to know what difference it makes but we haven’t used it so it doesn’t really change our position, except we might be more competitive compared to the teams that have it. I don’t know the teams that have been using it apart from Renault.

  问:(Heinz Pruller - ORF)先生们,关于昨天国际汽联对质块减震器的判决,你们能谈谈自己的看法吗?你们会受到怎样的影响?


  DC: I think there’s more influential things on performance: tyres, mainly, and coming back to the answer I gave to the chap in the white T-shirt who is not happy (Cedric Voisard), I think that it comes down to the package and how that package works with the influence of the ty res. I think, for Renault, their car, with the Michelin tyre, obviously saw them gain quite a bit of performance from it. The system we had saw us gain in some places and not in others, so we saw it as a tuning device in the same way that you choose to run more or less downforce, or to run a different spring set-up on the car.

  So inevitably it’s very much in the news at the moment because it coincides with a drop in performance from Renault, but I think it’s fair to say that Bridgestone/Ferrari - Bridgestone in particular - have picked up in their performance at the same time so for sure the reason Renault were going through the process of trying to have it re-instated is because they feel it works to their advantage. If they don’t win the championship, it will be one factor but I don’t think it’s the only thing, because there’s more important things like the tyre on the track, the downforce you generate, the horsepower and honestly, whether the driver can point the thing in the right direction or not.

  大卫-库塔:我相信性能上还有更多具有潜力的东西; 主要是轮胎。回到答案上,那个身穿白色T恤的人(瑟德瑞克-沃萨德)对我的答案显然不是很满意,我想这得取决于套件在轮胎的影响下如何去工作。对雷诺车队来说,我认为装备了米其林轮胎的雷诺赛车无疑让他们能由此获得相当大的成绩。我们拥有的系统则是让我们进步了一些名次,这并非别人的系统,所以我们把它当作是调揩装置,在同样的方式下你选择采用更多或更少的下压力去比赛,或者采用完全不同的调较来参加比赛。


  KR: We’re not using it so it doesn’t hurt us at all, but I guess to people who were using it it’s not so good for them.


  TM: Yes, it’s more of a handicap of course if you’ve been used to it and now you can’t use it any more and you have to re-set your car and your balance without it. Obviously we haven’t used it either so it doesn’t affect us much, no.


  Q: (Peter Windsor - F1 Racing) Kimi, I’m sure you’re aware that, as a result of the seventeen laps you led in Hungary, McLaren Mercedes, for the first time this year, have now led more racing laps than the Mercedes safety car driven by Bernd Maylander. I just wonder how you see that battle developing in the remaining races and how strong McLaren will be versus the safety car.

  KR: Hopefully we can beat them. At least it’s the same company so it doesn’t really matter but we will see what happens.

  问:(Peter Windsor - F1 Racing)基米,我肯定你注意到了,你在匈牙利站领先了十七圈,这是今年首次迈凯轮-梅塞德斯比由贝德-马拉德驾驶的梅塞德斯安全车领先了更多圈。我只是想要知道你怎么样看赛季剩下时间中比赛的发展,以及相对安全车来说,迈凯轮有多强?


  Q: (Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport) Kimi, just to clarify gossip that we heard a few days ago: Sunday night in Budapest, did you lose your wallet or did the police take your driving licence? Which is the truth?

  KR: Yes, I read that I have lost my driving licence by driving and drinking. I don’t know who wrote this story but for sure, he will get an interesting outcome from this and we will see what happens.

  问:(Andrea Cremonesi - La Gazzetta dello Sport)基米,澄清以下我们几天前听到的传闻:周日晚上你在布达佩斯丢了自己的钱包吗?或者是警察拿走了你的驾照,那个是真的?


  Q: Was that inaccurate?

  KR: For sure we will see in the courts. I don’t want to say any more.



  Q: (Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News) Tiago, we always hear rumours of the team being for sale. How unsettling is that in the team for the drivers, the mechanics and the engineers and so on?

  TM: You can’t really focus on that. It’s not up to us, it’s not up to the mechanics, the engineers or the drivers. It’s decisions that are taken above us and we can’t really intervene, so we have to try and just do our work. It doesn’t affect me, I don’t think it really does affect a lot of people in the team because they are all there to work and whoever their owner will be it will be the same at the end of the day, so we just move on and work and wait and see, really.

  问:(Dan Knutson - National Speed Sport News)提戈亚,我们一直都听到有传闻说车队将被收购,对车手、机械师以及工程师们等人来说,会有怎样的不安?

  提戈亚-蒙泰罗:你不能把注意力放在这上面,这不是我们的事,不是机械式、工程师或者车手的事。那是在我们之上的人的决定,我们不能介入,只能试着尝试做好自己的工作。这不会对我造成影响,因为我不认为这会影响车队的许多人,因为我们所有的人都在这里工作,最后谁会成为他们的老板其实都是一样,所以我们只需要前进,工作并且等等看,真的。(声明:F1官方网站版权所有,未经许可不得翻译、刊载,搜狐F1频道为唯一中文网络合法登载单位。 王波编译




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